8 July 2006

D-Notice: Craig Murray vs the Foreign Office

Craig Murray, the UK’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan and for of Blackburn’s beloved MP, Jack Straw, has finally managed to publish his book.

However, due to copyright laws, the juiciest documents are not in the printed version, only on the Internet (as per his torture memos). As a result, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office are trying to get an injunction to get them removed, not that they’ve owt to hide, of course…

A defence in an attempted suppression of information is that the information is publicly available… which is where blogs come in. In response to the Government’s actions, various blogs are publishing the documents on their site.

Due to technical reasons, I'm not able to publish them on here (i.e. i don't know how to, but if someone's wants to email me with instructions I'd be grateful.). Until then I suggest you go to Many Angry Gerbils and get 'em off there.

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment by A Big Carrot & a Small Stick on the Blairwatch site, I’ve come across this free uploading site, so I’m able to help out. Yay!
  1. FCO Comment
  2. IMF Telegram
  3. Declaration
  4. Speech
  5. Hill negotiation
  6. Michael Woods memo of 13th March 2003
  7. Telegram of 18th March 2003 – US Foreign Policy
  8. Letter from Simon Butt dated 26th June 2003
  9. Exchange of emails with Linda Duffield
  10. Colin Reynolds report of 26th June 2003
  11. Minutes of meeting with Howard Drake
  12. Letter from British businessmen in Tashkent
  13. Email to Kate Smith
  14. Minute of 26th September 2003
  15. Telegram
The whole lot are also available as a Torrent file.

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